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The Award Snatching International Sensation

Think it’s a solo show? Think again. Private eye Butt Kapinski invites you to co-star in a choose-your-own-adventure murder mystery. This funny, filthy, fully interactive ride is riddled with sex, sin, shadows and subterfuge – no seat is safe! Adults only.

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BEST COMEDY, Fringeworld 2017

WEEKLY AWARD for INNOVATION, Adelaide Fringe 2017

WEEKLY AWARD BEST COMEDY, Adelaide Fringe, 2016

BEST OF FEST: Orlando Fringe 2015


BEST OF FEST: Edmonton Fringe 2014

BEST OF FEST: Calgary Fringe 2014

BEST OF FEST: Hollywood Fringe 2013

THE CULTCH AWARD: Vancouver Fringe 2013


Select Reviews

★★★★★ “A tour de force of character comedy and clowning.” —UK INDEPENDENT

★★★★★ “Ludicrous, racy and entertaining immersive comedy at its finest.” —Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

“Completely unique, brilliant, insane, surprising and funny.” —Graham Norton

★★★★★ “… Butt Kapinski is not just a show; nor is it just the name of the main character; it could very well be the name of a new type of theatre/comedy style.” —GLAMADELAIDE

★★★★ “This is not audience participation, this is immersive comedy like you have never experienced. And we love it.” —Kate Copstick, THE SCOTSMAN

★★★★★ “… the kind of ‘make believe’ joy rarely encountered since childhood.” —Fritz Magazine, Adelaide

★★★★ “… Calling Butt Kapinski ‘a one-woman show’ is like calling Wayne Gretsky ‘a hockey player’… I can’t remember when I’ve laughed so hard or so often…” Calgary Herald

★★★★★ “A raucous and raunchy thrill ride.” THE LIST

★★★★Terrifically inventive and invariably hilarious… A master craftswoman at work.” —FEST

“A  master at getting audience members to relax and join in on the fun…” Orlando Sentinel

“If you don’t like interactive theatre, stay away from Deanna Fleysher’s Butt Kapinski. But wait a minute: this might be your big chance to change all that. I haven’t seen an audience so willing to jump in and that’s because Fleysher is that good. Play dead, play a whore, a reporter, make music like a saxophone. It’s called eating out of her hand and we were in there gobbling it up.” The Vancouver Courier

“Butt Kapinski plays with, as well as for, the audience. Not only are we acknowledged, but we’re in on it; we’re part of the creation. And in the case of this riotous show, unsurpassed for originality and breath-taking risk, the quick wit of the performer at sussing out how much to demand, when to get an ensemble response instead of singling out someone, make it inclusive, and (X-rated) fun. We find ourselves doing the most outrageous things, and happily too.” The Edmonton Journal

“To say audience members surrendered themselves wholeheartedly to their roles would be an understatement… Fleysher’s ability to create community in the space of 60 minutes is nothing short of amazing…” The Georgia Straight

“Rarely have I seen an entire audience surrender its anxiety over participation in a show and gleefully give themselves over to the play of storytelling as with Butt Kapinski. Fleysher is so comically engaging in the role that everyone gleefully followed her down the wabbit hole onto the mean stweets of a hilariously seedy, knuckleheaded noir city of trampy hookers, cat-obsessed slumlords, and cowwupt cops.” The Austin Chronicle

“It’s a brave, sometimes terrifying spectacle to have a performer construct a play in conversation with an audience like this, and Fleysher pulls it off beautifully.” Vancouver Sun

“Super funny and astonishingly inventive… it’s like watching a trapeze artist soar without a net…” ArtsBeat LA

“FOUR STARS… The riskiest show in town… from a startlingly talented, fun and (very) fearless clown improviser, who works a crowd like no one I’ve seen…” Edmonton Journal

 “You know how laughter sometimes just keeps spooling out of you, like it’s this great, long silken rope and you can’t believe how much of it there is? Like you just sit there helplessly and shake while it keeps unraveling? Kids laugh like that all the time. And that’s how I was laughing when I saw Butt Kapinski, for my second time, at the Cultch last night.” Vancouver theatre critic Colin Thomas

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photo: Andrew Ness

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photo: Bobby Kintz