Deanna leading a workshop at the Lookout Arts Quarry

photo: Mark Loudon


Every show’s development is unique; there is no cookie-cutter formula to create a great show. That said, here are the core principles which guide my director/dramaturg work:

  • No Fourth Wall. I focus on performance that acknowledges, celebrates and interacts with its audience. 
  • Fun rehearsals that move efficiently.
  • Hard work and hard play.
  • Deep connections to and mining of the individual performers’ worlds to find the “juicy stuff.”
  • Discovery and writing through on-your-feet guided improvisation and coaching.
  • A firm focus on the overall arc and rhythmic flow of a show’s journey.
  • Open communication with the performers/creators to establish a trusting working relationship.

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“Where do I even begin to describe my wonderful experiences working with Deanna over the years? She has served as Director, Dramaturg, and Co-Writer on several of my theatrical projects. I bring her in when I know I need clear, fast, insightful direction and she always delivers! She is incredibly skilled at taking the time to get clear on what my vision is, then helping me get there in a way that includes the audience in the journey. She sets realistic expectations for the time it will take to get to the results I’m looking for (eg. length of show). I’m able to really then plan around that time-wise and financially. This is quite helpful when you are self-producing your own show as many working artists today are. She also pushes my edges and dares me to dig deeper and get more comfortable being uncomfortable. Deanna has an uncanny ability to see the bigger picture and get at exactly the story I am trying to tell — but didn’t know how to express myself. She’s just so damn good. And she’s always keeping the audience experience in the forefront of her mind — which is why I think audiences respond so well to her work. I highly recommend working with Deanna. Not only will you walk away with a great piece of art you can feel proud of, but you’ll have a blast in the process.”

Windy Wynazz


“As female performers, working with a powerhouse like Deanna on our passion project was a completely different experience to working with any other director. She meets you as a peer, a fellow artist trying to figure out what the project is calling for – and yet one who has a deep insight for finding the magic within your ideas and within you.   Her playful encouragement, her ‘yes’ energy towards whatever you bring and her ability to coax out what she calls ‘deep art’ from early material, has changed the way we devise and perform. Her experienced eye for structure alongside her investment in us and our work, brought to life the show we’d dreamt of making.”

Beside Ourselves Collective


“Working with Deanna was the best decision we made for For Science! show development. Her unique experience in immersive comedy and ability to tap into and understand our goals for the production made her the expert outside eye we needed to take our quirky interactive performance to the next level. I will work with Deanna every chance I can get!”

Christine Lesiak


Before I worked with Deanna, my show received applause. After working with Deanna, I received standing ovations. She lends a dramaturgical strength, playfulness and keen eye to my creation process that has taken me to the next level.”

Red Bastard


I’ve worked with Deanna on my solo shows many times. Not only does she bring an experienced and brilliant eye to what is happening on stage, but she also has an incredible dramaturgical head for plot, structure and story. She is very good at what she does, and I’ve learnt a lot about devising and performing from working with her.”

Josh Glanc