Video Art

My short films and samples of onscreen performance projects.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting Satan’s Baby

A short horror film about the lengths some people go to get pregnant. October 2021.

Love Dust

A beat poetry/experimental film about love by Butt Kapinksi. February 2020.

Towel Rag

A beat poetry/experimental film about towels by Butt Kapinski. January 2020.

Grgy and the Norwegian Witch

A short film about one man’s obsession with a Norwegian witch. September 2019.

The Fireside Hornies Trailer

A trailer for a series of improvised melodrama online shows, edited by Candy Roberts. March 2021.

Drag King Brunch Showcase Trailer

A trailer for an online showcase of drag kings from the Drag King Comedy workshop series, edited by Jacqueline Russell. December 2020.