Drag King Comedy Group Photo
Drag King Comedy Group photo

Photos: Cadence Luchsinger

Physical theater and Comedy for Kids and Seniors

I’m a proud teacher for life who has taught Performance, English literature and writing, Improvisation, Reading, Creative and Critical Writing, as well as Teaching Training, for 20 years. Besides teaching full-time in a New York City preparatory school, I’ve  led summer enrichment programs, tutored individual kids in Reading and Writing, led comedy workshops in Elder communities, and taught theatre workshops around the world. 

I believe in fostering a safe space in which students feel individually seen, and a variety of learning styles are activated. There are many paradoxes in teaching theater to kids and seniors: one must be energized but not overbearing, keep class moving but leave space for discoveries, have a clear lesson plan and also flexibility for what is needed in the moment. 

In a world of words and rules, using our bodies and hearts to express ourselves imaginatively is both necessary and therapeutic. It is amazing to find our unique voice, and to have our voice celebrated. Learning how to experience a sense of freedom, and how to use our freedom as a tool of communication, is truly revolutionary for all ages and levels. Be in touch for lesson plans and course outlines.